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Total protection starts with disinfecting and Fogging. 
Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) provides a fast action sporicidal sanitiser which is more effective than current commercially available products that cleanse, sterilise and sanitise. This disinfectant is so versatile it can be used as as a hand sanitiser. 
Since it is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, eco friendly and entirely human-compatible, it can be used almost everywhere where disinfection or sanitisation is required. 
Untreated Coronavirus is believed to last up to 72 hours on a surface. Our disinfectants will kill viruses and bacteria on contact and whilst they are persistent and remain effective once dry unlike others it is recommended that treatments are carried out at least weekly with high risk ‘touchpoints’ wiped with a disinfectant daily. 
Environmentally friendly 
Kills viruses, fungi and bacteria 
Safe for you, your family and your pets too 
Safe for health and public utility sectors 
Safe on skin 
No need to rinse 
Can be used as a cleaner 
Highly Effective Sanitisationand disinfecting 

What is Fogging? 

Fogging is the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) method that is used to disperse micro droplets of a specialist cleaning agent to eradicate both airborne and surface based bacteria, viruses and micro organisms. 
By adding an electrical charge to the liquid droplets, surfaces attract drops allowing them to places that traditional disinfection cleaning techniques are unable to. The chemical works by binding, penetrating and immobilising the cells so that they cannot replicate, rendering them harmless and leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use. 

Why Use Fogging? 

The fogging application is non-disruptive as areas can be re-entered in as little at 30 minutes. 
The application itself is a quick and effective way of disinfecting 
In cases where a deep clean is required first before the disinfecting fogging process, we can take care of that too. 
Kills 99.99% of viruses including Coronavirus 
In a nutshell, fogging can be used to disinfect, protect and applied in conjunction with all our services. 

Fogging FAQs 

What is fogging? 
Fogging is an application using a spray based disinfectant with a fogging machine. 
The machine is electric and uses a mist or fog to spray and disinfect an area. 
It is a great way to disinfect small or large areas. 
The mist or spray disinfects both the air and surface it lands on. 
How long do you need to be out of the fogged area? 
30 minutes 
Do you need to move any furniture or remove kitchen items, cutlery crockery etc? 
No, because the product used in our fogging application is 100% safe for use on all food prepared areas and is a non toxic/chemical product. 
Will surfaces be damp after fogging? 
The fogging droplets are very small so areas should dry in no time. 
How long does the disinfectant remain effective? 
Apart from frequently used touched points, the disinfectant will last up to a week. 
How often do I need to fog? 
It all depends on the individual requirements and on the area, if high or low traffic area. 
What prep is required? 
We will get the area ready for fogging. You can leave it to us. 
Do you have risk assessments COSHH and method statements? 
Yes, these will be provided with your quotation. 
Is the product used in fogging toxic. 
No, our product is not toxic, its water based and has no alcohol, so it’s safe for for use in your home and business, It’s safe for your pets too . 
Can fogging be done in schools, nurseries and kitchens? 
Our product is water based, safe and can be used in any environment and leaves no residue. 


This happens in 2 phases 

01. Clean, sanitise, disinfect 

On commencement of our work, we will provide our standard high-quality clean upgraded with an inclusive sanitising and disinfecting application giving priority to most commonly touched and used surfaces. 
Be assured, there will be much in terms of inaccessible areas irrespective of the room that standard cleaning procedures will not access and where viruses, bacteria and germ congregation will remain active. 

02. The second phase provides the ultimate 'SPACE' protection 

This comes in the process of fogging which allows total access to those inaccessible places.The Moclean Covid19 application provides the highest levels of disinfecting protection,allowing maximum peace of mind and confidence for all present. 
We offer no obligation quotes, so don't hesitate to ask us about any of the services we provide. 


Daily Health Check. We speak with all of our teams every day to ensure they complete the NHS symptom check before starting their day. 
Before arrival. We will call or text prior to our arrival confirming suitability/convenience. 
On arrival in your space. We will clean and sanitise our hands and ensure appropriate PPE is worn according to regulation. 
Moclean came to my house to carry out the fogging process to kill any bacteria and viruses within my home. I was extremely happy with the outcome. There was no cleaning required before or after the process as they dealt with all of that. There was a slight smell of bleach within the house - my husband made a comment that he thought I had been cleaning! The smell did not affect my breathing as I do suffer with mild asthma and the dog was fine with the process. I would highly recommend fogging for that peace of mind and assurance that any lurking viruses will have been destroyed. 
Charlene, Leicester 
Mo cleaned my house this morning and it's so good! I'm going to look very bad after this when I try and clean, so will be using her again! Thanks! 
Hemi Tanna, Bitex Homes 
Mo's cleaning is the most reliable trust worthy service I have used. My kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in my house and I have to say both were sparkling, from the taps to skirting boards. I was so impressed and I would definitely encourage anyone who wants their house cleaned spotless at reasonable rates to use Moclean. Thanks again Mo fantastic lady, really polite and always on time. 
Beverley, Leicester 

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